There is no good and bad bacteria. Just like there is no good and bad garbage man.

Our human bodies contain more bacteria than what we call human cells. So the bacteria play a critical role in health. The bacteria’s job in our human bodies is to consume dead and dying tissue. In nature as well, the bacteria is there in the soil to decompose the dead leaves and re-integrate it back into the earth.

What happens when a fruit falls to the ground and nobody eats it? It begins to rot. It ferments. Various types of bacteria start to eat away at the “dying” fruit. A study done by at University of Colorado found that most grocery store fruits and veggies are home to 17 to 161 different families of bacteria, depending on the type of produce.

Not to be alarmed. Remember, bacteria’s job is to consume garbage, dead tissue. It’s not there to eat your living flesh. It’s there to eat toxins, and dead stuff is toxic; it can’t be incorporated into the bio-system. So when people talk about having a candida problem, it’s not the candida bacteria that is the problem. Actually, that candida is saving your life! The problem is the toxins you are putting into your mouth. Candida is saving you from the processed sugars and wheat you swallow. “It’s saying Holy shit, get that shit out of here. Cover it in fungus and fat, then ship it out!” And you keep putting more in, so they can’t eject it fast enough. So they say, “WTF, mate. I guess we’ll just store this fat and deal with it later!” If there were no incoming toxins, there would be no need for bacteria growth, and your body would balance out.

Loren Lockman is a health coach with 15 years experience guiding people through water fasting at his Tanglewood Wellness Center. He explains bacteria with the metaphor of the garbage man. Loren lived in a neighborhood near Washington, D.C. with very large houses. Twice a week, his neighbors would drag 5 or 6 big trash cans to the end of their driveway, and the garbage man would come to take care of it.

Loren’s family didn’t buy much. They were buying fresh produce from the market in reusable canvas bags, so there was rarely even any food packaging to throw out. He dragged a trash can out to the street twice a month. That meant that 6 times per month, there was no garbage can at the end of his driveway.

Loren noticed something fascinating. On the days he had no garbage, the garbage truck didn’t stop at his house!

Garbage men don’t create garbage. Garbage creates the need for garbage men. Bacteria are nature’s garbage men. Their job is to consume dead and dying tissue in your body. If the garbage is there, the so-called “bad” bacteria show up. But if that garbage isn’t there, they don’t come to you.

#1 Condition for Bacteria: TOXINS. Lots of dead stuff. If you want to make a comfy home for bacteria, such as candida or whatever “evil” bacteria people are cursing on the health food scene, the number one condition is a toxic environment. If you want bacteria to flourish in you, then eat a load of dead food. Cook your food. Eat the cheerios with iron filings in it. You can even cook your fruit! If you only eat the collapsed carcasses of formerly living food, you will create a ripe environment for bacteria. Just like putting a bunch of trash on the street will invite flies or vultures or garbage men to visit.

Most people don’t realize that the symptoms we experience are ALWAYS evidence that the body is cleansing or healing.

The best way “fix” a candida overgrowth or other bacteria “infestation” is to stop trying to fix the symptoms. The bacteria showed up at the request of your body. The body cried out for help to deal with the toxins you were eating, and the bacteria showed up “At your service!”

If your body is in pain or calling out for a cleanse
1. Stop ingesting garbage
2. Drink water (ideally, distilled water)
3. Rest
4. The body will take care of the rest

This could mean going on a water fast for a few days or longer. (The Tanglewood Wellness center hosts people for 21 day supervised water fasts.) This gives these bacteria a chance to finish the job they came to do, and it will give your body a chance to take care of itself as it always does. When the bacteria eat all the trash, they no longer need to service you, and they will self-regulate their population. If you aren’t up for a water fast, switch to lighter foods like fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of pure water, ideally distilled water. WATER + SLEEP + SELF-LOVE.

You’re body is intelligent! It knows what to do. It never ever ever ever ever makes mistakes. Any attempt to “fix” the symptoms with herbs, medicines, or superfoods will only suppress the symptoms and cancel the natural cleansing process.

Here is the video I learned this from:


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