Dis-ease is The Wave of Creative Energy. Ride it!


Dis-ease is The Wave of Creative Energy. Ride it!

Dis-ease means dis-comfort. It’s a symptom of a root dis-harmony. There would be no change if not for dis-ease. It is THE most awesome part of life’s journey.

Look at a surfer, how he/she rides the wave. If he leans too far back, there is slight imbalance, a slight dis-ease. If he doesn’t listen to that dis-ease and take proper steps to re-balance, he falls into the monster and tumbles under the waves. But if he re-adjusts from that dis-ease, he will have a fun and exhilarating ride.

For those who want an exhilarating ride in life, we can ride the edge of dis-ease, which means our surfboard catches the riptide and grips us as we tear a path through life. That sounds so much more fun than a moderate and safe life of “smart” decisions and career plans. I’m not against planning, but if the plan doesn’t freak you out and make you pee your pants out of excitement/nervousness, then you might not catch the power of the wave. The creative universal energy will bring a deep feeling of fear. Not the fear that keeps you a sub-ordinant slave; the fear that you so crave. In your gut, you know it’s gonna blast you into an expanded version of yourself, bringing you everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Look at the photo above: Where is the best place to surf for the MAXIMUM efficiency and thrill? It’s right at the edge between the crest of the wave and the smooth calm stillness. If you placed a surfboard there, you would be FLYING!

Now think of someone you know or heard of who had a terminal illness of deadly dis-ease and they HEALED. Did they heal from cancer and return to the same boring life? Did they conquer a deadly illness just to go back to their normal routine? The people I’m thinking about are now CHAMPIONS. They are powerhouse leaders who inspire hundreds of others to become the amazing beings that they were born to BE.

There is a documentary called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” in which a man was just that: fat, sick, and nearly dead. He went on fresh fruits and vegetable juices for 2 years and now he’s a happy, inspiring example of health, a shining beacon of self-love and courage. If he let that wave of dis-ease pull him under, he would have just died like the millions of other people who think they are helpless cancer “victims”. He didn’t do that. He saw dis-ease for what it is: a huge wave of uplifting creative energy! A gift from the great inner-god universe! He f*cking rode that wave, on the edge of dis-ease, and it blasted him into his dream-self, the healthy, smiling, prosperous energetic being that he was born to BE!

I see it over and over again.

I’m living now in my 2nd month after testing positive for Lyme’s dis-ease. It’s a kind of bacteria or parasite. And I KNOW already that it is a pure reflection of my own thought patterns at the time, so I’m learned so much about myself in the process. It has inspired me to become physically active, I’ve started jogging each day, I’m eating tons of fruits, I’m drinking way more water, I’m researching health and nutrition, I’m becoming an expert in detox/cleansing, I’m learning what a happy life means, I’m cherishing myself more and more, and I’m just showered in self-love. Without this powerful wave of Lyme dis-ease, I would not be the amazing energy-surfer that I am today. My journey continues, and I know that as deep my pain and suffering has gone, that is exactly how deeply rich and wealthy my life is bound to become… it’s simple physics. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Dis-ease is not a mistake. It is the actual tangible feeling of your own god-energy expanding you on this human journey. As hard as the dis-ease pushes you, that’s how powerful and exhilarating the surf will be. Ride the wave of dis-ease like you would ride the generous tide.

The dis-ease is not pulling you down to drown; it’s actually a neutral wave of energy. You are the one who can choose to succumb to the old belief patterns of self-doubt, pessimism, and boredom.

Or…*You are the one who chooses to surf it with your core activated, chest confident, and head facing forward looking to new possibilities, ready to see what’s next. SURF YOURSELF into the UNKNOWN šŸ™‚challenge


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