Raw Food and Lyme Disease: 10 Testimonials of Healing


This article is dedicated to the raw food, fruity-licious approach to curing the human body of Lyme bacteria.

I found soo many testimonials of people doing it, and I’m living my testimonial right now on my journey to heal my own body of Lyme disease. My story is at the end of the post.

Carolyn got rid of Lyme disease by eating mostly fruits, some leafy greens, and small amounts of nuts and seeds. It took her 3 months on a raw food lifestyle.

Marsha does a 10-day watermelon fast and cures of Lyme Disease symptoms. I’d love to hear how she’s doing today, 6 years later.

Lisa’s Lyme symptoms are almost completely gone after just 30 days. She was in terrible pain for over a year. She wasted $1000s of dollars on the doctor’s Lyme protocol of antibiotics, but they only made things worse. Then she decided to go natural. Arnold, her “health coach”, calls this the “NATURAL HYGENIC LIFESTYLE” which includes mostly fruit and leafy greens. She makes smoothies with apple, pear, banana, and greens. Simple.

Lyme disease, Hyperthyroidism, and Colitis. Plus, mental problems and depression. Amanda started her healing journey with coffee enemas (putting coffee up the anus to flush the colons) and it brought some relief. After a few months, she wanted to see more results. She switched to raw food, but… like many raw foodies, she made the high-fat mistake. She started gaining weight. Then came the 80/10/10 Diet, which led her to a high-carb, low-fat diet.  She eats dates, mangos, and bananas. Around 2500 calories per day (15-30 fruits per day). She looks healthy to me.

Darlena begins to walk on her own after 3 days! at the BellaVita health center where she ate raw foods, took natural inflammatory & candida, and used coffee enemas to cleanse the body. She arrived with a cane and almost needed a wheelchair, and now she is walking freely, and she even does a celebration kick at the end.

Itsy Sweeney improves on 80/10/10 diet (raw vegan, high fruit). I sent her a message on Facebook to see how she’s doing today, 1 year later.

Matt tells a short bit about his Lyme’s healing story, but the video features Ryan; he didn’t have Lyme’s but I like his story and what he has to say on life, love, and health. He’s a poker player from Brooklyn. In 6 months of juicing 32oz each morning, his poker playing has improved, his dandruff is gone, and he lost 10 pounds. He eats 50-75% raw, a lot of fruit. He says all his poker friends are juicing now. “It’s all about love. If you have toxic thoughts, it’s gonna translate into your life just as much as eating cheeseburgers. […] If you love yourself, you’ll want to feed yourself good things.”

David improves on raw food diet, after the antibiotics failed to help. He lost 30 pounds. Energy increased. Lyme symptoms went away. His diet:
*Breakfast smoothies (kale, apple, banana)
*Salads (with carrot-ginger dressing)
*Snack (dates and other fruits)
*Pasta (made from raw zucchini)

Loretta cured Lyme’s by eating living foods. Huge quantities of sprouts, green smoothies, and wheatgrass. Through that, she got her energy back and healed herself of Lyme disease. Living foods, she says; not dead foods. They are loaded with enzymes and minerals that are bio-available. “If you nourish the body, the body will heal itself.”

This lady has an on-going youtube blog called HealingLymeNaturally. Sounds like she had a range of illnesses, and is now improved drastically by switching to a raw foods and juicing diet.

I had no idea there were sooo many testimonials of healing Lyme’s with raw, living foods! I thought I’d have 2 videos to post, but the LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ON AND ON!


Here it goes, my Lyme story. I will update it as I HEAL 🙂

I tested positive for Lyme disease on June 26, 2013. It’s a type of parasitic bacteria transferred via deer tick bites. I was at an Amma gathering in Iowa, and my neck started to get really really painful. It was like I pulled a muscle playing football or hurt myself in a car accident. But I had not done anything like that. After going to the hospital for a $2000 blood test, I found out it was Lyme’s disease. I’m not a fan of pharmaceutical antibiotics, so I passed on their recommended pills and went to do my own research. The symptoms went away after a day or two, so I didn’t worry about it. Interesting enough, I had started urine therapy 3 weeks prior, and I’m not exactly sure what sparked me to try it. I faintly remember a tick bite about 3 weeks before that, but there was no bull’s eye skin marking.

So at this point, I was thinking, “Cool, I must have taken care of the Lyme already with my urine therapy.” I already looked into urine therapy cases of curing nearly every disease known to humankind, and it works by a simple homeopathic dose of anti-bodies that the kidneys squirt in before the urine goes to the bladder. There are many many books on the topic that call urine “your own personal pharmacy”. 

Every few weeks, I would get waves of pain in different joints in my body. First it was the shoulder; I couldn’t lift my arm. Two weeks later, it was my leg; I couldn’t lift my left thigh. These pains lasted for 2 or 3 days, then they would disappear. 

Here I am, almost 2 months later, and the waves of crippling pain continue to show up every few weeks. I’ve transitioned to nearly 100% raw foods diet of mostly fruit. It resembles the 80/10/10 diet by Doug Graham. I moved from Minnesota to South Carolina, where I’m eating lots of watermelon, peaches, and citrus fruits. 
*Distilled Water (1 gallon per day. 1/2 gallon in the form of urine)
*Fruit (a lot)
*Veggies (not much)

Overall, my energy has improved and I’m more physically active than ever before in my life. So even though I’m sitting here with a limp shoulder, I feel like I’m on the right track. The following videos give me confidence and I continue to focus on growing HEALTH and SELF-LOVE.


2 thoughts on “Raw Food and Lyme Disease: 10 Testimonials of Healing

  1. Hello. I am healing my body of Lyme disease using low fat raw food diet. I am going to post this page on my FB page, Raw For Lyme. I would love to meet someone else who is doing this diet to cure Lyme. My Facebook site is about and I can also be reached at Elisabeth Ames Dunham on Facebook. I would love to network with others on this path! Would love it if you would like my page. Just put it up! Thank you! Elisabeth in Portland

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing your story and the testimonials of healing, it’s really interesting.
    I am struggling with Lyme disease (and many co-infections) for many years now but without any improvement. From now on I have decided to follow a raw vegan diet (fruits & vegetables) but as I know that sugar isn’t good with Lyme disease, I would like to know how do you feel today with your diet which includes lots of fruits? Did you recover?
    I wish all the best for all people who are dealing with Lyme disease!
    Best regards,

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