Urine, Distilled Waters and the Pineal Gland


This 14 page ebook speaks about the pineal gland and how distilled waters cleanse this gland. We all have the potential to unlock our innate “superpowers” by drinking urine and distilled water. Including distilled water and/or urine in your daily diet is the easiest cleanse you’ll ever do, and it has real effects. It literally converts your body into a free-energy bio-system.

The world is projected by light from within. Cleansing the body & pineal gland will change the experience from low quality pictures to high-definition.

I transcribed most of it from Andrew Norton Webber’s 2-hour interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfLTqQuzwCM). I also added a few paragraphs of my own when I felt inspired to do so.

“Urine, Distilled Waters, and the Pineal Gland” (14pages)


2 thoughts on “Urine, Distilled Waters and the Pineal Gland

  1. Great work chase! mirrors a lot of my own research. We did a radio show entirely on distilled waters, it was one of our more popular shows. Love that this information is become more public.

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