Operating the Energy Glands (Chakras)



This show is an interview with the creator of Avatar Energy Institute.
-Chakras are not sources of energy, they are glands through with your Source light expresses.
-The aura of the candle is not the source of the flame, just like the chakras are not the source of energy.
-Everything is a projection from your true Self, the Source of all creation

-Out-of-body experiences and dreams are projections from the body consciousness, not the other way around. They reflect your belief structure, not necessarily TRUTH.
-Experiencing energy in the embodied self is way different than having a philosophical understanding of it all.

-The “physical” world is not physical when mastered. It is realized as a Light world, or hologram.


Aquarius the Water Bearer (Lisa interviews Andrew Norton Webber on Distilled Water)


Amazing info about Distilled H2O. Simple truth! This is the easy body maintenance instructions. All you do is..
Drink 1 gallon of distilled water per day.

Plus, the powerful healing properties of urine. Cure any dis-ease with distilled water. Simple!!

I started drinking urine again! Day 1



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I started drinking urine again!

After 23 years of being urine-free, I’m back to drinking urine. For the first 9 months of my life, I was swimming in urine, developing my body’s cells in urine, drinking urine, and literally breathing urine. But ever since I left the womb, I’ve been drinking cow’s milk and fluoridated water. I’ve learned new information that helped me realize that is absolutely stupid.
I tried spring water, reverse osmosis, and other filtered waters. Of course, I wanted to avoid the fluoride, ammonia, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals that the supposed state government was mandating for our local water treatment facilities. I personally think the chemicals taste disgusting and I’m never going to drink tap water again. This also means I’m not going to drink water at restaurants or eat any of that food because it’s prepared with toxic chemicals produced in mysterious government factories 1000 miles away.

People think food is a big deal. And it is. It’s important every particle of matter that you put in your face-hole. It all becomes part of your cellular structure or it gets pooped out as inorganic, useless material. BUT water is so much more of a deal! Human bodies are 70-80% water, and so less than 30% is other solid stuff. Wouldn’t that mean that our food should be 80% liquid? Conveniently, most fruits contain the right ratio of mostly water, partly solid fiber.

Anyways, I’ve been drinking my own pee ALL DAY. Yup, I bought some distilled water from the convenience store, and the cashier thought it was just for fish tanks. Nope, you’re wrong, miss gas station lady. Actually your piss is distilled water! So I drank about 1 liter of distilled water to get me going, and soon I was producing purified distilled crystalline piss in my own human body machine. Magic urine was filling my cup just as quick as I could drink it! In honesty, I think I was making more urine than the amount of water I put into the body organism. Does this mean I’m an over-unity water generator?? I heard about over-unity electric motors, but Woah! A human body that generates water?!

A few effects I noticed after the first day…
1. I feel awesome and hardly have a need for food (maybe the body wants to fast)
2. I put urine on my eyes and ears and now have super-heightened senses.
3. The body is detoxifying through the tongue, and there are sore spots on each side of the tongue’s wings.
4. The urine tasted pretty weird in the morning but after a few cycles through the body, it tastes awesome, for real.
5. I haven’t needed to go to the bathroom all day! I just pee in my jar.

Ok, so is the “aging” process just the side-effects of dehydration and accumulation of toxins? Maybe that’s not an effect of time or “age”. Maybe it’s an effect of slowly killing your body.